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Event Centre Huippu

Restaurant Huippu is open all year round. It is also a spectacular venue for weddings, family occasions, meetings, seminars and festivities alike. Huippu prides itself in offering high-quality unforgettable event services, so no wonder it has become the number one event venue in the area!

Waffle Café

Located right by the top station of the Family Slope, the Waffle Café serves up not just mouthwatering waffles but also sausages and fries, hamburgers, doughnuts and sweets. Waffle Café is an excellent venue for smaller-scale meetings, events and parties.

Á la Cafe

Á la Café is a cosy little resting spot with a magnificent view of the slopes. Located on the bottom of the slopes, close to the lift stations, the café offers a wide variety of hot and cold snacks and delicacies. Rest your feet and enjoy the warming rays of the sun on the newly expanded terrace.

Private Restaurant Ekokammi

If you are in the market for something completely different and unique, private restaurant Ekokammi is the best choice for you and your group. Located right on top of Sappee, Ekokammi offers dining and wining (or wine tasting, for example) packages tailored to meet your specific needs. The atmosphere of the old-time log cabin with a fire blazing in the fireplace is perfect for enjoying a delicious meal with your friends or co-workers. Ekokammi is only open by booking.