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Friday 13 of Feb 2015

CLK 12.00-14.00 Registration at Race Office (Event Center Huippu)
CLK 14.00-15.00 Official Training
CLK 15.30 Riders Meeting at Salomon Tent
CLK 16.00 Qualification 1st & 2nd Round (Novice & Lady)
- Warm up Pro -> Qualification Round 1st & 2nd
Two qualification runs per athletic, better run counts.
Sixteen riders per class qualify on Saturdays Semi-Finals

Saturday 14 of Feb 2015

CLK 12.00 Warm up
CLK 12.45 Riders Meeting at Salomon Tent
CLK 13.00 Semi Finals rounds 1. & 2. (Novice & Lady)
- Warm Up Pro -> Semi-Finalis rounds 1. & 2.
CLK 15.00 Finals rounds 1. & 2. (Novice & Lady)
- Pro rounds 1. & 2.
CLK 18.00 Jam Sessions (front of the Event Center Huippu)
CLK 19.00 Prize giving Seremony (Event Center Huippu)
CLK 22.00 -> After Partyt at Fat Lady Tampere 

Two runs at the Semi-Finals per athletic, better run counts.
Eight riders per class qualify to the Finals. Two runs at the Finals, better run counts.

Finnish Open is part of the AFP World Tour, only AFP Members earn points towards the AFP World Ranking. Non-AFP Members names will not appear on the points list until they become members. Riders can sign up for AFP membership at

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Safety and insurance:
The riders must have valid accident insurance which covers competitions and training. The insurance certificate must be presented at the competition office at registration. Fees: registration 30€ (lady & novice) on site 35€, pro 35€, on site 40€ . Lift tickets 27€/day.

All riders must wear a helmet. Wearing other protective clothing is highly recommended.


Pro: 1st: 3000 €, 2nd 1500 €, 3rd 500 €.

Lady: product prizes

Novice serie: product prizes

Most Talented Youngster: Salomon Support Rider-prize

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