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Completed in the summer of 2007, the Sappee FrisbeeGolfPark is a full-length disc golf course built in beautiful forest surroundings. The course also meets the sport’s competitive standards. The aim is to throw your disc into baskets that act as the holes of the golf course It takes a couple of hours, easily more, to complete the whole course. The sport is suitable for people of all ages, and the course offers a challenge even for those with more experience.

Disc Golf is a popular activity for company guests wishing to brighten up their meetings. It is also possible to play in teams. You can hire equipment on-site from our Equipment Rental, and it is also possible to have an instructor teach you the game.

Frisbee Disks can be rented from the Sappee summer rental during opening hours. Tel. +358207559972, e-mail

For further enquiries, please contact the Sappee Sales Service at +358207559970 or via e-mail at

Click here to download the Sappee FrisbeeGolf course map and result card.


Disk rent 5€/ disk
Disk package 3 disks; putter, driver and mid-range 10€
Day ticket 5€/ day, no age limit. WEBSHOP (finnish)
Seasoncard 10€, no age limit WEBSHOP (finnish)
You can also by your ticket in a summershop.

Welcome to Sappee FrisbeeGolfPark!