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Good to know

Staying over? Here is what you should know.


Remember to make your booking well in advance.

After receiving your booking confirmation, make sure to pay your booking fees by the due date, otherwise the booking is considered to be cancelled.

Bring a receipt of all payments with you.

Cancellations must always be made in writing.

How do I get the keys to my cabin?

You will receive an instruction booklet along with your booking invoice. You will find the information there.

Staying at the cabin

Your cabin will be at your disposal from 16:00 (4pm) on the arrival day to 12 (noon) on the departure day. Your rent includes furniture, cook- and dishware and kitchen utensils as well as wood for the fireplace (and wood-burning sauna). Mattresses, duvets and pillows are also included in the price. The customer must bring their own linen (pillowcase, sheets), towels, paper towels and toilet paper.


Barbecue is only allowed in the sites allotted for it. There are several barbecue sites within the Sappee area. Some of the cabins also have their own grills. It is prohibited to barbecue on the terrace or deck of the Sappee Chalets apartments. There is a barbecue site near the Chalet hotel that can be freely used. Using disposable grills or making open fires in the area is strictly prohibited.

Number of people

Only the same number of people can stay at a cabin as there are beds in the cabin.


Pets are only allowed in cabins that have specifically mentioned them as being allowed. Please remember to clean after your pet.

If your pet breaks something in the cabin, please contact maintenance or the info desk. Pet fee 25€/ reservation.

Smoking in the cabin

Smoking is not allowed in any cabin! Please avoid letting cigarette smoke into the cabin if you smoke at the balcony or by the door, as the next person checking in might be sensitive to cigarette smoke. A considerate smoker always cleans up after themselves – after all, having a child pick up your cigarette butt and eat it is not what we want.

Damage to cabin or furniture

If an accident occurs, please contact the cabin maintenance or info desk. You don’t want to receive an invoice afterwards. Damages are paid to the owner of the accommodation.

Final cleaning

The customer is responsible for cleaning the cabin during and after their stay. If the cabin isn’t properly cleaned, a cleaning invoice of a minimum of 90€ (depending on the size of the cabin) will be sent to the customer. Also remember to clean the yard/terrace and pick up cigarette butts, bottle caps, candles etc.


If you are not happy with your accommodation, please contact maintenance or the info desk.

Things you should bring with you:

  • receipt of payment
  • linen (pillowcases, sheets) and towels
    ordered in advance 13€/ person.
  • if needed, extra pillows and covers
  • paper towels and toilet paper
  • coffee / tea etc.
  • food and spices
  • bottle opener
  • matches / lighter
  • things you need for the sauna & shower (soap, shampoo, towels, hair brushes, hair dryer…)
  • games, drinks and candles for enjoyable evenings
  • relief for muscle pain and headaches
  • holiday spirit