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Kangasala Jukola Relay 2019 - affordable accommodation at Sappee!

The Jukola Relay comes to Kangasala on June 15-16th, 2019. Located amongst the most beautiful Finnish scenery, Sappee offers a variety of accommodation options ranging from rooms for 2 all the way up to cabins for 16 people. Sappee is located some 20 kilometres from the event.

Sappee's accommodation offer for Jukola (2019) participants:

- campaign discount: 10% off normal prices. Discount only applies to the price of the accommodation. There are no discounts for additional services such as bed linen, final cleaning and outdoor jacuzzis.

- campaign times 20.8.-15.12.2018 and 22.4.-20.6.2019

- the campaign offer is only valid for reservations lasting a minimum of two nights

- campaign code jukola19

- office costs are always added to the accommodation price (15€ in reservations made via the web shop, 20€ in reservations made through our sales service)

By using the code jukola19 you can make a reservation direcly on our web site. Just enter the campaign code and you will see all available rooms and cabins that are included in the campaign. You may also make a reservation through our sales service.

To go to our web shop, please click here: WEBSHOP

Information and reservations:

Sappee Sales Service
Weekdays 9-16
+358207559975 or +358207559970