Trainee Zone

Trainee Zone is an area intended for children and beginners. Consisting of easy tracks and a carpet lift, the Trainee Zone makes starting a new hobby as easy as possible.
There are four tracks: Jumper, Drifter, Snake Run and Savanni.

Jumper is a beginner’s track with hills and bends.

Snake Run is a really easy berm run that is perfect for first timers.

Savanni, on the other hand, is a good route for beginners to hone their riding techniques.

There is a separate cheaper ticket for the Trainee Zone, which you can exchange for a ticket for all tracks during the day by paying the difference.


Pump Track (in the sandy parking lot of Sappee, free of charge)

A pump track is a track along which you ride a bike. Instead of pedaling, you move forward with the power of a pumping movement. The track is a great place to improve your balance and learn new skills. The track is suitable for users of all ages and skill levels. The track can be used with bikes of different sizes, skateboards, roller skates or kick boards.
Pump Track is open during the summer season.