Wood-heated sauna

Rent: 2 hours 280 € /10 persons, incl. towels.
Extra persons 8€ / person, extra hours 130€ / hour.

The sauna is located next to the restaurant Ekokammi, on top of the slopes.

The soft baths of the wood stove in the sauna offer a relaxing experience at the end of an active day on the slopes. The sauna is  for approx. 20 people at a time, and washing is traditionally done in the sauna room!

The fireplace room of the traditional sauna also serves as a dressing room. Please take this into account when making a reservation. The outside toilet is just around the corner.

Bring your own soaps and shampoos etc. for the sauna.

Electric saunas

Rent 50 € / hour / sauna, towels 8€ /person, you can also bring your own towels.

The saunas are located in the Caravan maintenance building near restaurant Vohveli.

There are four high-quality private saunas for 20 people, so they are suitable even for larger groups.  There are separate saunas for women and men with spacious changing rooms.

Bring your own soaps and shampoos etc. for the sauna.


Weekdays 9 – 15.30
Winter season weekdays 9 – 18
P: 020 755 9970
E-mail: sappee@sappee.fi