Winter 2023-2024

An excursion to Sappee is a welcomed interruption from the normal school schedule for students and teachers alike. Sappee Resort offers an inexpensive day outdoors on well-maintained slopes and amongst beautiful nature.


Lift ticket19,00 €
Family Park- ticket *8,00 €
Ski set (skis, ski boots and poles)19,00 €
Freestyle-skis set22,00 €
Snowboard set (snowboard and boots)19,00 €
Helmet5,00 €
Goggles6,00 €
Skis or snowboard12,00 €
Freestyle skis15,00 €
Boots9,00 €
Poles5,00 €
Snowshoes (incl. poles)12,00 €
Cross-country ski set (skis, boots and poles)19,00 €

*) Family Park has four slopes, a sledding hill and a carousel, as well as 2 carpet lifts and 2 button lifts.
Family Park is included in a school day ticket.
Family Park ticket costs 8€/ day for students.

In the winter season 2023-2024, we offer all 2nd class primary school students who arrive with their school:

• Family Park ticket for free.
• Equipment set for free the first 40 2nd graders / day.
• Ski school for free the first 40 2nd graders / day.

– The offer for second graders is valid when the whole school is having a ski day and only once per school in the winter season 2023-2024, excluding Tuesdays.

In addition to skiing, there is a lot to do at Sappee: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, sledding, frisbee golf, etc.



You can book a meal for your group at Restaurant Huippu.
After the meal, your day of refreshing winter fun can continue.

Primary school studentsOther students
- minced meat and bread
4,50 €7,90 €
- hamcasserole, salad and bread
5,50 €9,00 €
Meatballs, smashed potatoes, salad and bread6,50 €10,50 €
Drinks milk and water

For meals, please make reservations and notify our kitchen of any food allergies in your group well in advance, by email ravintola@sappee.fi

Ski school:

In this class, you will learn the basics of skiing and you will be able to continue downhill skiing on your own.
The ski school also offers a good start to learning special skills for people who already have basic skills for skiing or snowboarding. In this school everybody learns and backpacks are only for packed lunches and extra clothing. You can choose a class for skiing or snowboarding.

School groups (max 10 persons/group)
Skiing or snowboarding 50 min.
105 € / group (max. 10 persons)


Safety is our number one priority in Sappee. That’s why we hope and recommend that you read these safety instructions from the Finnish Ski Area Association with your class.

These school prices are valid on weekdays, except during the holiday seasons.

The group must be booked in advance, one person picks up all the tickets from our ticket desk
and pays for the equipment rentals.

Here’s how to book:

Sappee Sales Service

Off season 9-16
Winter season 9-16
Phone: 020 755 9970
E-mail: sappee@sappee.fi

Arrival to Sappee:

Send the equipment rental form to us before your skiing day via email sappee@sappee.fi

Agree on one person who will pick up all the lift tickets from the ticket desk. We can also agree on picking up tickets by class.
At the equipment rental, the person in charge makes the payment in whole to the cashier.

The person in charge should also go to the restaurant to inform the staff that your group has arrived and what the final number of people (deducting any possible absentees) is.
Ski school is paid at the ski school cabin (small red cabin at the edge of the slope). Students going to ski school must go get their equipment first so that they can get to the lesson on time, and after receiving the equipment go straight to the ski school cabin before the lesson starts.

If you want the services to be invoiced, we will bill the services according to the number of people announced in advance.