The adventure park offers 12 varying courses with 38 zip slides and 96 tasks.

There is no specific age limit to enjoy the courses, but it is recommended that you are at least 110cm tall (130cm when doing the more demanding courses). The extreme course has a minimum weight limit of 40 kg, and all the courses have a maximum weight limit of 120 kg.

  • Children under the age of 10 are required to be accompanied by an adult on the course.
  • Children between the ages of 10 and 13 may enjoy the courses on their own, but a supervising adult must be close enough to keep an eye on the children (ground level is ok)
  • Ages 14 and up may go through the courses on their own without adult supervision

Training courses (green)

Training courses are the first courses of the Adventure Park, located right next to restaurant Huippu and equipment rentals. The training courses feature 12 different tasks and 4 zip slides. Once you have completed the training courses you are ready to make your way deeper into the park.

Family courses (blue)

Designed specifically for families with children, these courses offer just the right combination of challenges and relaxation. There are 5 family courses with 37 tasks and 13 zip slides. The family courses are also centrally located near restaurant Huippu.

Advanced courses (red)

Sappee Adventure Park’s 4 different advanced courses are a step up from the training and family courses when it comes to difficulty and excitement. These courses offer 37 tasks and 18 zip slides that will guarantee to keep you busy!

Extreme courses (purple)

Located at the start of the advanced courses are the park’s adrenaline junkie favourites; Base Jump and two long zip lines. Base Jump offers you the completely safe but exhilarating experience of jumping from the height of 11 metres. And the two zip lines are also something else – they are over 100 metres long! You are free to zip back and forth as many times as you can before your ticket expires.

To ride the extreme courses, you need a separate 1-hour ticket.
If you also want to experience the other courses, it is recommended that you purchase a combination ticket (Adventure ticket + Extreme Courses); this allows you to enjoy the entire park for up to 3 hours.

Training courses (green, minimum height 110 cm)

Minimum height recommendation 110cm, maximum weight limit 120kg.

Family courses (blue, minimum height 110 cm)

Minimum height recommendation 110cm, maximum weight limit 120kg

Advanced courses (red, minimum height 130 cm)

Minimum height recommendation 130cm, maximum weight limit 120kg.

Extreme courses (purple, minimum height 130 cm, weight min 40 kg – max 120 kg)

Minimum height recommendation 130cm, minimum weight limit 40kg, maximum weight limit 120kg.