Sappee Resort is located in Salmentaka (Sappeenvuori) in Pälkäne, on the outskirts of the largest cohesive forest area in Southern Finland, Laipanmaa. The local people have used Sappeenvuori for skiing long before there were any commercial services provided.

The resort was opened in 1989 and the current owners have been entrepreneurs in the area since 1992. The resort offers a wide variety of services including accommodation and restaurant services, slope services (skiing and snowboarding in the winter and downhill cycling in the summer) as well as adventure park services. A company providing programme and adventure services also operates in the area throughout the year, as does a company that owns various types of machinery. These companies all have the same main owners.

The area receives some 250 000 visits yearly, of which 150 000 are during the ski season and the remaining 100 000 outside of the ski season. The area hosts some 65 000 overnight stays in a year. During the peak season, the resort employs around 100 people.

Sappee Resort (Deltarec Oy) has paid extra attention to energy consumption ever since 2009 when it signed up for Motiva’s Energy Efficiency Agreement. Sappee has improved its energy usage by, for instance, using energy efficient LED lights, updating ski lift operating equipment with more energy efficient frequency converter systems, renewing snow groomers regularly, and by streamlining the snow making system.

Sappee Resort (Deltarec Oy) has been accepted into the STF programme (Sustainable Travel Finland) in 2021. We hope to receive the STF label within 2022.

Sappee Resort (Deltarec Oy) strives to be carbon neutral by the year 2026. Ever since 2009, after signing up for Motiva’s Energy Efficiency Agreement, we have worked toward this goal. Wider-scale and more concrete steps towards becoming carbon neutral have begun in 2021 as the resort set out to calculate their actual carbon dioxide emissions as well as working out how to reduce them and how to correctly compensate for them.

Environmental Responsibilities

Environmental Responsibility underlines the organization’s responsibility for the direct and indirect environmental impacts caused by the company’s operations. Its objective is to operate responsibly, considering the carrying capacity of the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources.

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Social responsibilities

Social responsibilities include not only issues pertaining to the personnel of the organization, but also the effects the organization has on society. Social responsibilities also include other indirect effects on various groups of people in other countries. The safety of the organization’s products is also a vital point of consideration.

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Financial Responsibilities

Financial responsibility covers both the sustainability of the business and its external financial impacts. The transparency of these impacts is important both on a local as well as a larger scale.

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Through its sustainable business operations, Sappee has often naturally chosen a path of responsibility.
The needs and perspectives of the surrounding environment and the business environment must, however, always be taken into consideration when discussing sustainability.
We acknowledge that when it comes to sustainable operations, we still have room for improvement.
Sustainability has become a common practice in our company, and we strive to improve our actions constantly.

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