Nature trails

Around the Sappeenvuori slope area you can find a 2,5 kilometre nature trail and a 4,5 kilometre one that will be completed in the near future. Both are flat-based and thus also suitable for the physically disabled, wheelchair users and those walking with a pram or a stroller.
The trails offer nice diversity in terrain as there are plenty of ascents and descents along the way. This makes the trails perfect for fitness exercise and great for Nordic walking. There is plenty to see and learn with nature quizzes and information signs placed along the trails.  Enjoy a gorgeous view of the Laippa wilderness area from the lean-to while enjoying a packed lunch or a cup of fresh coffee.
You may also catch a glimpse of wildlife in the forest: eagles circling above the trees, deer or elks roaming in the wild. And you can pick berries and mushrooms right where you find them – the forests are clean.


Laipanmaa’s well-maintained and guided hiking trails travel in what feels like undisturbed wilderness and every now and then take you to the shores of little lakes or the edges of cliffs. Here it is possible to hike for dozens of kilometres listening to nothing but the surrounding nature. The feeling of being in the middle of the wilderness when you’re actually only an hour’s drive away from Tampere is exciting.
Along the trails there are places for overnighting as well as lean-to’s where you are able to cook a meal or heat up your lunch and make a pot of fresh coffee. There are plenty of small lakes and tall cliffs along the way. The trees are old and magnificent.
You can book a guided hike to for instance the old millstone quarry or Jylhänkirkko boulders through Sappee’s programme services.

The Sappee-Särkijärvi-Sappee trail is easily accessible from Sappee. At Särkijärvi’s lean-to, you can take stop for a breather and fry sausages before returning back.

Laipanmaa Hiking Area

Boating or ice fishing at lake Iso Arajärvi

You can rent a rowing boat from Sappee’s bike rentals. The boats are located on the shore of Lake Iso Arajärvi, which can be reached both by car and on foot along the edge of the slope. The distance from the resort is about 800m on foot, 8km by car.

Iso Arajärvi is a beautiful lake with four bays next to Laipanmaa.

One of the lake’s bays is located right at the bottom station of Sappee Resort, from where it is easy to go rowing on the lake. Driving with motorboats is prohibited, so you can enjoy the peace of nature and birdsong.

Bring your fishing equipment, there are plenty of fish in the lake.

Rowing boat rent 15€/ day.

In the winter, you can go ice fishing on the frozen lake.
Please note, however, that there are plenty of currents in the lake and we do not recommend going on the ice during snowy conditions without someone who knows the lake.

There are plenty of blueberries, lingonberries and various mushrooms in the forests of Sappee.
A short walk is often enough to find plenty of treasures!
Always make sure that the mushrooms and berries you pick are edible.