What we want more than anything is that your first experience on the slopes is filled with fun and excitement. Sappee Resort offers slopes that are especially meant for kids (and older beginners too, of course). Once you have mastered the basics, you are ready to move on to the bigger slopes and also the Alpine Adventure.

Sappee Family Park

Family Park is a family area with 4 different slopes, sledding hill and a snow carousel.

Family Park can be accessed with any valid day, hour or season ticket. There is only a separate day ticket only for the Family Park area.
A ticket is always needed to get into the area, even if you are only supervising.
Family Park is free for children under the age of 4.

1) Whoops slope
23m / 2m
True to its name, this slope is very easy and suitable for example for starting snowboarding. This slope is also suitable for our smallest guests, as their speed won’t be able to get too high. The carpet lift is very easy to use.

2) Cross slope
150m / 20 m
A little bit bigger than the Whoops slope and a bit more difficult than the Sompa slope but not too difficult. The carpet lift is very easy to use.

3) Sompa slope
250m / 30m
This slope is ideal for beginners. Two easy button lifts take you to the top of the slope which is perfect for example for learning how to snowboard. There is also a little Adventure track with soft elements.

4) Fun Slope
When the easiest slopes become too easy, maybe it’s time for the Fun Slope with very easy slide-over presses and small jumping moguls and an easy cross track. Moguls and curves give a bit of a challenge in this track that is about 250m long. Lifts are the same button lifts as on the Sompa slope.

5) Sledding hill
The sledding hill is the most fun slope ever! The hill is maintained just like regular ski slopes and can be opened early in the season thanks to our snowmaking abilities.
There are free sledges for our customers to use. You can use the carpet lift to get up.

Inside the Family Park there is a hut where you can take a break. Firewood is included, just bring along your own matches.

Alpine Adventure

500m / 50m

You’ll find Alpine Adventure on the west side of the slopes, beside the Mutkamäki slope and Vuoritie road. Alpine Adventure travels through the forest and is about 10 metres wide.
This slope offers several alpine skiing styles at once.  It begins in the spirit of ski cross with curves and waves made out of snow. After this, you get to the freestyle part which has presses much like our Snow Park. There is wide and low straight press and a wide press with waves. These presses are safe and easy to slide on.  After the freestyle part, the next alpine sport is the most well known: slalom. There are soft slalom poles in the slope that you can go around.

Last, but not least! The final part is the downhill tunnel. The tunnel is made of soft arches.
Alpine Adventure has energy saving LED lighting which is colourful and changes all the time.

Alpine Adventure preview