Sappee Chalets terms of reservation

These terms of reservation are applied only to Sappee Chalets Apartment Hotel reservations made to Sappeen Lomamökit Oy, the marketing organization. Sappeen Lomamökit Oy follows the following terms. These terms are binding to both the renter and Sappeen Lomamökit Oy from the moment a reservation is made via telephone or in writing.

Only reservations from persons over 18 years of age are accepted.


A reservation is binding as soon as it has been made. In pre-bookings, the reservation is deleted after a pre-determined confirmation period has expired. After a reservation is made via telephone or in writing, a confirmation letter is sent to the renter with information such as the name and address of the accommodation, where to check in, where to pick up keys and how to reach the premises. Attached to the confirmation there will be invoices for making the deposit and the final payment, in other words, the rent.

The deposit consists of 15% of the total rent (min. 50€) plus office expenses of 20€ and is due to be paid 9 days after making the reservation. It is also possible for the customer to make both payments (deposit and final payment) at one time. The final payment must be made at the latest three (3) weeks before arrival. If the final payment has not been paid by the due date, the reservation will be regarded as cancelled. If the booking is made later than three (3) weeks before arrival, there will be no payments in advance; the deposit, office expenses and the final payment will all be included in one invoice.

Upon arrival the customer must show a receipt of the payments. The marketing organisation is on its behalf responsible for providing services both parties have agreed to. Additional holiday services are available and can be ordered at the resort after arrival. Sappeen Lomamökit Oy has the right to refuse the customer access to the destination if payments haven’t been made.


Office expenses of 15€ are added to reservations made through the online booking system. The reservation is paid either by credit card or through an online bank system. After payment has been made successfully, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address provided by the renter. The confirmation letter includes an active link to directions on how and where to collect the key to the accommodation as well as other instructions and a passenger card to be filled out beforehand. After making the payment, the customer must make sure that they return to the confirmation page of their reservation. If the customer fails to return to the confirmation page, no reservation is made and the booking system will not send the customer a confirmation e-mail. Sappeen Lomamökit Oy is not liable for a failed reservation, but the customer should immediately contact the Sappeen Lomamökit Oy Sales Service to rectify the situation. Sappeen Lomamökit Oy does not guarantee that the accommodation is still available at this stage. If the accommodation is not available, the money will be returned to the customer or the customer will be offered another accommodation if possible. By making a reservation online, the customer accepts these reservation terms as well as the general terms and conditions of this internet site. The customer is responsible for reading and understanding these aforementioned documents and the instructions on making a reservation before making an online reservation.


Only WRITTEN cancellations are accepted and should be addressed directly to Sappeen Lomamökit Oy.
Postal address:
Sappeen Lomamökit Oy
Sappeenvuorentie 200

email: sappee@sappee.fi

Cancellations are valid only from the moment a written cancellation reaches Sappeen Lomamökit Oy.

In case the renter can verify that the cancellation has been made in due time, that is, at least 21 days before the date of arrival, and to the correct address, the cancellation is considered valid, even if it is delayed or does not reach Sappeen Lomamökit Oy.

In case of a cancellation, the deposit (15% of the final payment) and office expenses (20 €) will not be returned to the renter. In case the renter fails to cancel the reservation 21 days before arrival, the whole of the rent will be charged, including office expenses (20 €).

If Sappeen Lomamökit Oy is able to let the premises after a late cancellation, a refund on the rent is made to the renter who failed to make the cancellation in due time. However, the refund may be less than the original rent, due to possible discounts. The deposit (incl. office expenses) is not refunded.

Regardless of what has been stated above, the renter is entitled to a full refund on the final payment, excluding the deposit and office expenses, in case the renter or a member of the renter’s household falls suddenly ill, has a serious accident or is deceased. The refund will be made if the renter presents a reliable written document – in case of an illness, a doctor’s certificate is required. If a cancellation is made after checking in, there will be no refund. The cancellation is to be made as soon as possible, and in writing.

In case the renter wishes make changes to the original reservation, it is regarded as a cancellation of the first reservation and a new reservation is required.

There are no cancellations or refunds for accommodation or package offers and special deals. We recommend you always take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover unexpected circumstances

If the prevailing pandemic or epidemic inhibits the customer from using their accommodation booking at Sappee due to travel restrictions or other nationwide instructions, the customer is able to change the dates of their booking depending on their specific accommodation. The booking must be changed no later than 7 days before the beginning of the original booking. The booking can be rescheduled to the same accommodation at an available time period at no extra cost if the price of the new booking is the same as in the original booking. If the new accommodation time is more expensive, the customer must pay the difference between the original price and the new price. If the new time is cheaper, no money will be returned to the customer for the price difference.


In case of a force majeure or reasons related to the owner of the premises, such as changes in ownership, can the owner through Sappeen Lomamökit Oy cancel the reservation, and in such a case it falls to Sappeen Lomamökit Oy to inform the renter about the cancellation. The renter is entitled to a refund on the final payment.

Sappeen Lomamökit Oy also reserves the right to cancel a reservation in case the renter fails to make the required payments.


The keys to the apartment (usually 2-4 keys) can be picked up by the customer at the Sappee Ski Resort Key Collection Room. The customer will receive more detailed instructions on how to do this along with their invoice and booking confirmation. Keys are returned to the key collection room’s locked mail box by 12 (noon) on the day of departure.

The holiday premises will be at the customer’s use from 4 PM (16.00) on the arrival day until noon (12.00) on the departure day.

The price of the Chalet apartment includes a check-out cleaning service.

The customer is responsible for cleaning the apartment during their stay, or book a cleaning service in advance from the Sappee Sales Service (for reservations lasting over one week). A cleaning fee will be charged for any extra cleaning services.

Even though check-out cleaning is included in the price, it is expected that the apartment is left in a neat condition, i.e. furniture and other equipment (tv, radio etc.) are in place and intact, rubbish is taken out to the rubbish bins, dishes are in the dish washer and the dish washer has been turned on, and any other messes have been cleaned up. If the apartment is not left in a neat condition as specified above, a cleaning fee and possible repair costs will be charged from the customer at a rate of 50€ per hour.

The apartment price includes linen, for 2 people in a studio and 4 people in a one-bedroom apartment. For extra persons, the linen/overnighting fee is 30€/person/reservation. For linen changed during a pre-ordered apartment cleaning (for reservations lasting over one week) the charge is 15€/linen set.

Door opening service costs 25€ during Ski Centre opening hours and 50€ during other times. If a key for the ski room goes missing, we charge the customer for the cost of changing locks.

Rent includes furniture, cook- and dinnerware and utensils, toilet paper and kitchen towels, mattresses, covers and pillows. Customer is responsible for bringing their own soaps and shampoos, spices and other food supplies.


If the let property should suffer any damages during the renter’s stay, the renter has to pay compensation for the reparation or replacement of the damaged property directly to the owner of the property.

Smoking, pets, power cuts and silence

Smoking is not allowed in any of the holiday premises. In case the renter smokes inside the premises, a fee of 100€ is charged for airing the premises.

Pets are not allowed unless otherwise mentioned. The cost for a pet is 25€ per rental period (only in specified apartments). Sappeen Lomamökit Oy is not liable to allergic customers for the possible problems previous renters’ smoking or pets may cause. Furthermore, Sappeen Lomamökit is not liable in case of a force majeure or other unpredictable cause which cannot be prevented in advance, such as power cuts or breaks in water distribution.

Please do not make noise or in any other way disturb other guests from 10 pm (22.00) to 7 am. If renters disturb their neighbours during these quiet hours and do not stop this behavior even after being cautioned, the renters can be asked to leave the premises immediately. In this case, no refund will be made to the customer.


The maximum number of persons staying at the premises equals the number of beds provided. If the agreed number has been surpassed, Sappeen Lomamökit Oy has the right to charge extra. Parking a trailer or caravan at the premises is not allowed without the permission of the owner.


Sappeen Lomamökit Oy asks the renter to inform the marketing organization of all matters of complaint as soon as possible during the stay. The renter is to contact the maintenance or the ticket office at the resort: Sappeen Lomamökit Oy, Sappeenvuorentie 200, 36450 Salmentaka, tel. +358 207 559 970. A written complaint can also be issued to Sappeen Lomamökit Oy within one (1) month after departure. In case the renter and the marketing organization fail to reach an agreement, the matter can be taken to the Consumer Complaint Board.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Sappee

If you have any questions or wishes regarding the apartment you are staying in, please do not hesitate to contact the Sappee Ski Resort Sales Service. Please do not let a minor problem affect the quality of your holiday. Inform us, and we will do what we can to fix the problem.