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Privacy policy

This privacy policy is in accordance to the Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10§.
Date issued: 20.8.2008

Name of register
Deltarec Oy (y-tunnus: 0906446-5)
Hiihtokeskus Sappee
Sappeenvuorentie 200
36450 Salmentaka
Tel. 020 755 9970

Person in charge of register
Kosti Puurunen
Deltarec Oy
Sappeenvuorentie 200
36450 Salmentaka
Tel. 020 755 9970

Name of register
The online shop and electric marketing register of Sappee Ski Resort.

Use of register
Personal data is used for billing, maintaining and developing customer relations, marketing, event registration, service booking identification and the planning and developing of business activities.

Content of register
Personal details of registered users:
-Name and address
-Telephone numbers
-E-mail address
-Date of birth

Important information specific for Sappee customers:
-Measurements as reported by the registered user (e.g. boot or ski/snowboard size)
-Areas of interest
-Newsletter subscriptions
-Reminders or notifications concerning orders, bookings and events
-Benefits, services and campaigns directed at the user
-Complaints and other customer care related communication
-Communication concerning billing, debt collection and deposit
-Direct marketing permissions and bans.

Concerning online shop customers, the following information will also be processed:
-Customer number, user name and password
-Information connected to the processing, sending and returning of orders and bookings.

Sources of information
All information held consists of data given by the user during registration process and collected by Sappee Ski Resort during customer transactions after registration.

Sappee Ski Resort does not pass on information to outside parties. Information is only disclosed to authorized parties and authorities upon request.

Data Protection
Only authorized staff members of the Sappee Ski Resort and companies operating on its behalf have access to data with permission from the registrar.

Systems are protected by a firewall.

Manual data: stored in a secure facility.

Freedom of Information
All registered users have the right to know what type of information is held on the database about them. Freedom of Information requests should be completed in writing with a signature and posted to the registrar.