Welcome to Sappee Resort!

Here are some important instructions for the accommodation.




For safety reasons, you may not leave any items in the hallways or the stairwells of the apartment hotel. For skis, there is a ski storage room on the bottom floor of the hotel. The metal key to your apartment’s storage room can be found within the key envelope.
In the summer, bicycles can be stored on the balcony or terrace of the apartment.


The sauna is turned on by turning the clock switch on the stove. The scale of the timer switch has two areas, the first of which is the “immediately on” area, i.e. the heater turns on for the selected time (0–4 hours). The other area is the timer area (1–8 hours). By switching to a time within this area, the stove will begin to heat up after the desired waiting time is over and the clock reaches number four (4) again. After this, the stove is on for approx. 4 hours unless the control is turned to 0 earlier. The stove is switched off when it reaches zero.

Turn on the ventilation during the heating of the sauna.


Studio 32m2

Lift the sofa slightly from the bottom front and pull.
The sofa opens by pulling. Pull out the entire bed frame of the sofa,
so that it almost reaches the beds. Place the seat cushions to the middle of the bed and press the back of the sofa down.
The bed is assembled back into a sofa in the reverse order.

Two-room apartment 45m2

Remove the extra cushions from the back of the sofa. The sofa seat moves
by lifting from the front part and at the same time carefully pulling the seat part out
from the couch. The seat part is placed at the bottom of the bed.
Pull the backrest forward and lower it into the top of the bed.
The bed is assembled back into a sofa in the reverse order.


The nearest barbecue place can be found near the children’s playground. There are 2 charcoal grills, coals and lighter fluid are included.
In addition, there are several shelters in the area, the closest one can be found at the exit of Frisbee Golf Park. Grilling on the balcony or terrace is prohibited.


The ventilation control is in the cooker hood. The fan should always be kept at least in position one. When taking a sauna, the ventilation is increased to position 2-3.

The apartments also have cooling air pumps, no heating function. The pumps are available during the summer.





If you have problems with the dishwasher, please first check that the water is on. The switch can be found on the water faucet of the kitchen sink.


The cabin’s refrigerator is empty on arrival. Please notice that if you fill the fridge with food and drinks that are not cold, it takes a while for the fridge to cool down again. Thus we recommend that you put only mandatory food items in first, and maybe use the freezer for pre-cooling your drinks and then moving them into the fridge.
The refrigerator door should also not be kept open for a long time.


Garbage cans can be found within the shelter next to the car park.
We recycle!



Electric car charging points are located Sappee’s main parking lot.
Use of the charging point and for payment you’ll need eparking.fi app.
Charging from the car park’s plugs is prohibited.
It is possible to heat the car from the heating poles in the parking place.

Parking and charging points

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay at Sappee.
If you have any problems or would like to give us feedback, please send us an email: sappee@sappee.fi
Phone: Sappee Sales Service 0207559970 Weekdays 9-16 (winter season weekdays and Saturdays 9-18, Sundays 10-17.30).