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Grocery stores

Anssin Kauppa

Miemolantie 8, 36720 AITOO, 11 km from Sappee (PostNord, eSchenker)

Anssin kauppa (finnish)

K-Market Järvikansa

Keskitie, 36760 Luopioinen, 12 km from Sappee (Post)

K-Market Järvikansa (finnish)


Pakkalantie 386, 36430 Sahalahti, 13km from Sappee (PostiNord and Post)

M-Nikkilä (finnish)

K-Market Sahrami

Isoniementie 1, 36420 Sahalahti.
16 km from Sappee. (Post, DB Schenker)

K-Market Sahrami (finnish)


Sahalahti 16km
Isoniementie 1, 36420 Sahalahti
P. 040 191 9982

Luopioinen 12km
Keskitie 17, 36760 Luopioinen
P. 03 524 2200

See the opening hours in the links below.

Sahalahti pharmacy (finnish) Luopioinen pharmacy (finnish)

Health care

Health service contact information (including oral health care):

Mon-Thu, 8-21 and Fri 8-16 Kangasala central health station Emergency clinic
Herttualantie 28, 26200 Kangasala tel. 03 384 5025

In the evening and at night, as well as during weekends and holidays, contact the Telephone Health Service of the region: 03 384 5000

If you are thinking about going to the emergency room, first contact the Medical Helpline (tel. 116 117) where your need for treatment will be assessed.

Tays Valkeakoski emergency clinic
Mon-Sun 24h
Salonkatu 24, 37600 Valkeakoski

Children’s emergency clinic, Tays Central Hospital
Mon-Sun 24h
Elämänaukio 2, 33520 Tampere

In situations of immediate danger, contact the emergency number 112



Sahalahti 16km
K-Market Sahrami
Isoniementie 1, 36420 Sahalahti

K-Market Järvikansa 12km
Keskitie, 36760 Luopioinen



Fuel station and car service

St1 fuel station:
Teollisuustie 5, 36760 Luopioinen

Car service:
Car service Pälkäne
Onkkaalantie 50, 36600 Pälkäne

Towing services:
Car service Pälkäne
Onkkaalantie 50, 36600 Pälkäne
P. 0400 281 999

Tow Miettinen 24/7
P. 03 654 9060




Car service Pälkäne (finnish)


Sahalahti taxi service

Home (finnish) Call

Taxi Mikko Helenius

Home (finnish) Call

Things to see and do in Pälkäne

Visit Pälkäne

Culture, history and fun in Pälkäne.

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Culinary delicacies in Pälkäne

Assemble the perfect picnic basket or lunch using local products.

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Rönnvik winery

Laitikkala, Pälkäne. 33km

Read more (finnish)

Swimming places and beaches

Swimming place at Karustantie
Karustantie, 36450 Salmentaka. Unofficial, unsupervised swimming spot, sandy beach.

Uimarannantie 14, 36600 Pälkäne. EU beach, playground, pier, slide, beachvolley court.

Luopioinen town beach
12 km
Rajalantie 26, 36760 Luopioinen. EU beach, pier, jumping tower 1.5/2 m, beach volley court, playground.

Aitoo village beach
Kankahuventie 74, 36720 Aitoo.
Pier, beach volleyball court, barbecue shed. Sauna and ice swimming open for all during winter Tuesdays from 18:00 to 21:00.

Spas and gyms

Kangasala swimming hall
Kirkkojärventie 4, 36200 Kangasala
34km from Sappee
Gym Linja located within the swimming hall. Tickets from the swimming hall ticket desk.

Aulanko spa
Aulangontie 93 13220 Hämeenlinna
60km from Sappee

Kangasala swimming hall Scandic Aulanko