Financial responsibility covers both the sustainability of the business and its external financial impacts.
The transparency of these impacts is important both on a local as well as a larger scale.

Sustainable Business

In Sappee, sustainable business translates to profitable business. We operate in an environment where we are not always able to influence the desirability of our services; the weather, and good winters, are significant for our business. Sappee has improved their operations in a way that allows for a significant part of sales to be made before the ski season even starts. This creates a good financial buffer for ensuring operations. Our business is profitable and on a sustainable level which in turn enables the development of operations and thus also better opportunities for employing people.

When it comes to investments, the company conducts a risk assessment which is then studied to calculate how the investment would fit the company’s current financial situation. This maintains the correct proportion of investments and guarantees the continuation of a sustainable business endeavor.


External Impacts

The company’s operating model is continuous development. This can be seen in the company’s evolution from a ski centre into a year-round travel resort. This continuous development requires investments. While making investments, the company strives to use the knowledge of its in-house staff for the development work, but sometimes outside help is also required. This help is acquired, if possible, from local or Finnish companies. If the necessary know-how or products cannot be found in Finland, they will be acquired from within the EU. Active development creates sales and well-being outside of the company as well.