Welcome to Sappee Resort!

Here are some important instructions for the cabin.


Before lighting a fire, please open the damper of the fireplace.
Please remember to close the damper, but only after all the embers have completely gone out.


There are two ways to heat the stove; straight away and timing. Don’t keep the sauna on in vain because when it’s on, all apartment radiators are automatically turned off.  The sauna is ready (75C) in an hour after it has started heating. The heat controller must be in the max position.  There is a 4 hour timer in the stove, so make sure that you don’t turn the timer on if you want to heat the sauna right away.


Firewood can be found within the shelter in the yard. If you run out of firewood, please contact us at +358207559970


A charcoal grill can be found in the storage room. Bring your own coals and lighter fluid!

In Helmi 1, there is also a gas grill on the terrace. Bring your own gas!

There are also a couple of common barbecue areas in Sappee. They are equipped with charcoal grills, charcoal and lighter fluid.


The control of ventilation is in the kitchen hood. Keep the ventilation on at least 1. When the sauna is in use, keep it on 2-3.



If you have problems with the dishwasher, please first check that the water is on. The switch can be found on the water faucet of the kitchen sink.


The cabin’s refrigerator is empty on arrival. Please notice that if you fill the fridge with food and drinks that are not cold, it takes a while for the fridge to cool down again. Thus we recommend that you put only mandatory food items in first, and maybe use the freezer for pre-cooling your drinks and then moving them into the fridge.
The refrigerator door should also not be kept open for a long time.


There are garbage cans in the yard.


Electric car charging points are located Sappee’s main parking lot.

Use of the charging point and for payment you’ll need eparking.fi app.

Charging from the cabin’s plugs is prohibited.

It is possible to heat the car from the cabin’s heating pole.

Parking and charging points

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay at Sappee.
If you have any problems or would like to give us feedback, please send us an email: sappee@sappee.fi
Phone: Sappee Sales Service 0207559970 Weekdays 9-16 (winter season weekdays and Saturdays 9-18, Sundays 10-17.30).