Loading a ticket at Sappee’s web shop

Once you have loaded a ticket onto your smart card at the Sappee Ticket Desk, a WTP code is printed onto your card (and can also be found on your purchase receipt). Using this code you are able to easily reload your lift pass on the Sappee website. Your WTP code is located on the front of your smart card, or with older or damaged cards, on the purchase receipt.

The WTP code remains the same throughout the life span of your smart card, so if you wish to keep the code from getting smudged in use, you can e.g. write the code onto the card with a fine-point marker. Do not use any tape on the front side of the card.
The code contains letters and numbers, but never the letter O.

You can also register to our web store. As a registered member, you are able to save your WTP codes directly onto your account.

Once you have entered all the necessary information and the payment is made, the next step is coming to Sappee. Your ticket will be automatically loaded by the lift gate, but please don’t try to rush through the gate as this takes some 5 – 10 seconds.