Social responsibilities include not only issues pertaining to the personnel of the organization, but also the effects the organization has on society. Social responsibilities also include other indirect effects on various groups of people in other countries. The safety of the organization’s products is also a vital point of consideration.


During the peak season, Sappee employs some 100 people, when factoring in all the functions of the resort. Staff members are treated with the principle of equality in mind. Workers for the resort’s various jobs are chosen based upon their suitability for the particular job, not upon their age, sex, religious views, sexual orientation or nationality. Sappee employs many very young people, and for some of them, Sappee might be their first job ever. Sappee also employs people who have retired from their previous jobs. Sappee sees this broad spectrum of ages as an asset.

Sappee complies with the agreements and labor laws of its industry. People working the same job have the same salary, regardless of their sex, age, or nationality. All workers have the same insurance coverage and access to occupational health services. An extensive process has been created for the orientation of new workers, and the process is constantly developed using the lean method. A good orientation is the foundation of a safe and customer friendly working environment.

The resort has zero tolerance when it comes to workplace bullying and harassment. The orientation covers how to proceed in a possible bullying or harassment situation.

Sappee cooperates with Aitoon Koulutuskeskus, a local vocational school offering e.g. property management training for special needs students. Sappee offers on-the-job learning possibilities for the students. Sappee also offers learning possibilities for primary school students, and on-the-job possibilities and apprenticeships for other students.



Sappee Resort accumulates some 250 000 visits per year. It is important that all the services provided are safe and enjoyable for the end user. All of Sappee’s services and the machinery used in those services are checked regularly by the authorities to ensure the safety of operations.

Sappee also has a representative in the development groups aiming to, e.g. develop the safety of services in association with the supervising authorities. Sappee’s operations are customer oriented and customer feedback is gathered regularly, with services then being improved according to the customers’ wishes.

Sappee needs its customers’ contact information for e.g. using the web shop, rental services and personalizing season passes. Sappee complies with all valid data protection laws (GDPR). All customer information is only available to those who need access to them in their work. Data collection is always informed at the point of collection with a separate privacy policy statement. All information is in electronic form and password protected.

All customers are treated as equal, with an intent to offer everyone a similar possibility of testing and enjoying the services. Adaptive skiing is offered to those with impaired mobility. An assistant ticket is provided free of charge for those who need an assistant to accompany them to the slopes. Everyone must be provided equal opportunity for using our services.


Public Responsibilities

Sappee purchases products and services with substantial sums of money each year. We comply with the Subscriber Liability Act and make sure that the companies we are buying from also adhere to it. Sappee prefers manufacturers and service providers who value sustainability in their operations and document it with e.g. sustainability reporting or certificates. Beginning in 2026, Sappee requires that all its partners have a sustainability report drawn up.

Sappee has succeeded in developing its services in a way that it is now able to employ people throughout the year. This generates tax revenue for the state and the municipalities of the employees. As an employer, Sappee (Deltarec Oy) makes occupational pension payments, unemployment insurance payments, health insurance payments as well as accident and life insurance payments amounting to some 200 000 euros per year.

Sappee produces sports and recreation services. These services maintain the physical and mental wellbeing of the people using them.

The travel industry generates jobs and profits to the area. The positive impact of Sappee does not only reflect on the resort’s own operations, but also makes a positive impact on the entire area. The resort has supported the local Sappee-Ohveno village association that has, with the help of the resort’s support, renovated a church boat and the former Sappee village school. The association’s pride and joy is Ulla, a church boat built in 1902. The association maintains important Finnish cultural heritage.

Sappee wants to support recreation possibilities for school children. Sappee offers lift tickets and rental gear free of charge for second graders (along with ski school for a limited number of children), when they come to the slopes with their school.

Through sustainable operations and communicating about it, Sappee is setting an example that encourages other organizations and Sappee’s customers to act responsibly. This promotes a sustainable lifestyle.


Membership and Association Activities

Sappee (Deltarec Oy) is a member of the following associations. As a member, Sappee commits to following the associations’ rules and promoting the industry in accordance with the associations’ values.

A supporting member of FSA, Finnish Snowboard Association. FSA is dedicated to promoting Finnish snowboarding with an objective in maintaining a healthy and vibrant snowboard culture that includes both strong hobbies and extensive competitive activities among young people and adults. FSA acts as the umbrella organization for Finnish snowboarders and associations and is responsible for the activities of the national snowboarding team.

Member of the Finnish Ski Area Association. The association acts as a functional connection point between its members. Takes part in developing the business environment and possibilities of the member resorts and schools. Develops the operating conditions of skiing and other downhill hobbies within the area of operation.

Member of the Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa Ry. As an organization of the accommodation, catering and tourism industry operators, the association supervises the general and joint financial and economical political interests, monitors the common interests of its members as an employer’s union in employment matters, promotes the general profitability of the industry as well as its competitiveness and other operating conditions, and promotes the industry’s culture and cooperation between its members.

Member of the Tampere Chamber of Commerce. Tampere Chamber of Commerce is an advocacy and service organization based in the Pirkanmaa region. The Chamber of Commerce promotes opportunities such as entrepreneurship and internationalization for local businesses. It also oversees business interests by close cooperation with authorities and organizing e.g. networking events and trainings as well as other business related services.

Founding member of Suomen Seikkailupuisto Ry [Finnish Adventure Park]. The aim of the association is to act as a functional connection point between its members. Developing the business environment and opportunities of member adventure parks. Developing the operating conditions of adventure parks within the association’s area of operation. To meet these goals the association will guide and support its members’ activities; organize various training and publicity events and meetings; organize shared competition, party, lecture and fun events; draw the attention of the decision makers and the public towards the development of adventure park activities by making proposals and initiatives and by giving statements; and aim at making adventure parks even more safe.

Member of Suomen Yrittäjät Ry [Finnish Entrepreneurs]. Suomen Yrittäjät Ry functions as an advocate for entrepreneurs and helps them in business related matters.